Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with former hustle addict + burnout queen, Victoria Klein. This is my first solo non-Q+A episode, so be gentle 😉

We’re getting down + dirty about the secret struggle of every entrepreneur: burnout. You love what you do, but do you love yourself enough to stop working on your business 24/7?

This episode is perfect for anyone who wonders if they have burnout; the symptoms of burnout; why burnout happens; or how to recover from and prevent burnout.



Show Notes:

  • Welcome to Burnout 101!
  • So … what IS burnout?
  • How does burnout manifest itself in your mind, body, + daily life?
  • WHY does burnout happen, especially to entrepreneurs?
  • How do you RECOVER from + PREVENT burnout?


The ONE question that I ask: What does burnout feel like to you? … Comment below with your answer!



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