Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with focused action coach + freedom strategist, Vasavi Kumar … sort of.

It was bound to happen sometime. I made it to episode 23 before I had tech issues + the interview didn’t record … but the show must go on! I’ve channeled Vasavi’s badass spirit to dive into the topic she + I spent the most time talking about: seeking advice + information vs taking action + following your intuition.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is struggling with information overload; unsure of what to do next – in business or in life; overwhelmed by the big + small problems; only seeing their self-worth in their bank account; curious about how information becomes knowledge + wisdom; wants to know how to bring out their inner scientist for ongoing happiness; wants clear advice how to balance gather information and taking action.

STAY TUNED to the end of the episode for an EXCITING announcement / addition to the show, starting next month!



Show Notes:

  • Do you hate your life? Does your life feel stale and blah?
  • If you feel this way about LIFE, then your business will be mediocre.
  • Are you focusing on problems more than progress? Are you giving energy to your problems, speed bumps, and setbacks?
  • When do we seek advice? When we feel mediocre and focus on our problems.
  • Earning shouldn’t define LIVING.
  • How information becomes knowledge and wisdom
  • Learn about YOURSELF
  • What are YOU most interested in?
  • Suffering is a CHOICE
  • Consider, contemplate, and TEST information – bring out your inner scientist!
  • Review and reflect on results. Keep the best and ditch the rest.
  • Gather information and advice sparingly.
  • Spend time contemplating and taking ACTION
  • Focus on ONE thing at a time
  • Let your intuition and self-knowledge decide whether to keep going.


The ONE question that Vasavi asks: Is what I’m doing right now aligned with who I am? … Comment below with your answer!



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