Structure vs Freedom, Choosing the Problem You Want to Solve, + the Daily Realities of Being an Entrepreneur with Mental Health Issues with Vasavi Kumar @

Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with clarity + simplify strategist, Vasavi Kumar.

This episode is perfect for you if you want to know:

  • how to package what you’re good at;
  • the myth of surrender;
  • why there’s great freedom in choosing a niche;
  • how to balance structure and freedom;
  • how to choose and be ready for a mentor;
  • which tool is most important when marketing your business;
  • why building your business locally is still super effective;
  • the difference between using psychology in marketing versus treating people like they’re dumb;
  • how to live day-to-day as an entrepreneur with mental health challenges;
  • how to find the balance between self-care and your clients.



Show Notes:

  • How Vasavi helps people package what they’re good at
  • The four key elements to your business
  • The Myth of Surrender
  • Why you have to FOCUS + narrow down to a niche
  • Determining your marketing goals
  • Balancing structure + freedom
  • Looking for a mentor
  • Marketing yourself: Put yourself OUT THERE!
  • Creating a compelling path
  • Being clear about how you can help people
  • “Why I’m AWESOME!”
  • How to treat people as capable human beings
  • Vasavi’s 20-minute phone calls, how they work, + how they convert
  • Being up-front with potential clients
  • Adjusting your professional life to meet the needs of your personal life
  • Vasavi’s struggle to fully accept her mental illness
  • How she uses her daily schedule to stay aligned
  • Vasavi’s work with NAMI: the National Alliance for Mental Illness
  • Vasavi’s stress, burnout, divorce, + the emotional toll of 2014/2015


The ONE question that Vasavi asks YOU: Are your daily activities you do in your business getting you closer to where you want to go? Are you doing whatever it takes to get your message out there? … Comment below with your answer!



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