VK’s Top 3 Insights: Everyday Courage, Why Change is Easy, + the Link Between Curiosity and Pursuing Your Passion @ behindthebossmask.com/057

Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with VK’s top 3 insights from the past month + an unexpected announcement about the future of the show!

This episode is perfect for you if the secret to having more courage, why change is a lot simpler than you think, + the intimate link between your curiosity and pursuing your passion.



Show Notes:

  • Everyday courage is the only courage, and you can have MORE of it every day
    • There is no secret! Courage is a skill you acquire by taking action without knowing the outcome
    • Every small act of courage gets you MORE courage
  • Change is simple, not easy; you’ll never FEEL like it but you don’t have to
    • Like Nike says, “Just DO it!”
    • Act – no matter how you FEEL
  • Passion is a direct result of acting on your curiosity
    • Start exploring + hire the best guide – your curiosity
    • Push yourself to take simple steps to explore the subject of your curiosity
    • The hardest part: giving up your timeline
  • The big announcement about the end of season 1 + big changes in my life!


The KEY question that VK asks YOU: What’s one change you want to make, big or small, but you’ve been waiting until you feel like it? … Comment below with your answer!



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