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Does the Idea of “Hustle + Grind” Make You Want to Run + Hide?

You’re not alone, and you’re likely on your way to burnout. At it’s core, burnout is your intense desire for freedom overriding your integrity + self-respect.

Can I get a “oh hell no!?”

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Together, we can help you work, live, + thrive as an entrepreneur, with your freedom + integrity intact. It’s time to define what success is for you + make it fucking happen!


How you move through your day is entirely up to you, as is how readily others can access aka interrupt the way you move through your day. Prioritizing + managing your times goes hand-in-hand with setting boundaries that keep you sane + productive.

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Epic Book Recommendations

The Desire Map: How do you want to feel? I know that’s woo-woo, but your personal life is intimately connected to your professional goals + success. Danielle LaPorte helps you suss out what “desires” are most important to you. Once you know your desires, every decision you make, personally + professionally, can be a reflection of those desires. In simple terms, it’s a kick-ass shortcut (with some honest soul-searching) to being majorly fucking happy.

Turning Pro: Now that you know your desires, it’s time to kick resistance to the curb + go pro. This is one of the few books that Marie Forleo had VK read the first time she worked with her. There will be no sugar-coating or hand-holding – Steven Pressfield tells it like it is in the most honest + motivating terms.

12 Week Year: Have you ever tried to plan the entire year for your business in advance? Yeah, it sucks hardcore + you’re lucky if you do half of what you plan. Could you do 12 weeks? With a shorter time frame, it’s much easier to choose straightforward goals + achieve them, giving you the motivation + momentum to do it again for another 12 weeks. This book is short, simple, + powerful.

Handy-Dandy Tools for Daily Life

Asana: It may seem like your to-do list never ends, but at least there’s magical creatures when you finish tasks in Asana. There’s no shortage of task management options out there, but with their 2015 re-design, Asana is easy, convenient, + we’re always finding new ways to use it (including weekly braindumps).

Toggl: It’s super-easy to use Toggl to track time spent on client projects, as well as business-building tasks. Plus, you can track pretty much anything – time on social media, answering emails … you name it. With easy-to-generate reports that our clients adore + income tracking, we wouldn’t run our biz without Toggl.

Calendly: End those back-and-forth emails by giving prospects, clients, + fellow entrepreneurs a link to your Calendly. It links directly with your calendar of choice + you can super-customize it to show only the times you want to offer. In a single month, we save 2-3 hours of scheduling emails by using Calendly.


No (wo)man is an island + the only way to go further, faster is together. Hiring a team + delegating tasks is the fastest way to make major progress on your definition of success. Trust me: you won’t miss scheduling blog posts, newsletters, or social media posts. 😉

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Epic Book Recommendations

Profit First: How healthy is your business? If you’re spending more than you’re making or you aren’t even taking an income for yourself, then your business is toxic. From day one, we’ve run this business on the Profit First method + been profitable EVERY MONTH. Yes, it’s totally possible, even if you’re paying off debts at the same time. When someone asks us for a book recommendations, THIS is the first book we recommend. Every time. ((Want to know more? Here’s how to pay yourself an income + grow your business with Profit First))

Handy-Dandy Tools for Daily Life

Xero: If you don’t know your numbers, then you don’t have a business (nor can you hire anyone). We use Xero to track of all the money going into + out of the business. Thanks to their easy-to-use site + mobile app, we always know exactly how much money we can spend, who still has outstanding invoices, + can input expenses on the fly. Gorgeous invoices + pro-reports for tax time round out the list of why Xero’s downright badass.

Get Guest Ready School: Being a guest on podcasts can be a fantastic marketing tool … but do you know what it takes to be a GREAT guest? Nicole Holland’s Get Guest Ready School is a fantastic (+ free!) e-course that walks you step-by-step on how to be the podcast guest that every host (+ listener) loves. Bonus: as you work through the course, you’ll be creating a system that you can easily delegate most of to a VA.


Treating yourself like that badass goal-smasher that you are takes countless forms, but the first step is finding a hobby you have no intention to making money from AND a method of moving your body regularly. This directly ties to your mental health + a deeper sense of what truly motivates you to make a positive difference.

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Epic Book Recommendations

The Happiness Equation: Happiness may seem like a vague concept, but it’s really a daily practice based on YOUR choices. While you can easily read this book in 2-3 hours, you’ll be re-reading it for the rest of your life (and believe me, that’s a good thing!). Every chapter is an intelligent-yet-simplified way to bring more happiness into your daily life — we’re not talking woo-woo stuff (though I have love for woo-woo too). This book is all about straightforward, daily happiness-creating actions + choices with scientifically-backed proof. ((Want to know more? Here’s an enlightening interview with author Neil Pasricha from the podcast.))

Big Magic: Even if you don’t see yourself as a “creative person”, if you’re human, then you’re creative. If you’re an entrepreneur, creativity is a daily necessity. Read this book + you’ll get a fresh, renewing perspective on the concept of creativity + why being your own funky, fantastic self is all you REALLY need to pursue your creative curiosities + personal vision of success.

Handy-Dandy Tools for Daily Life

Insight Timer – this is the meditation app that VK uses every morning. With gentle sounds + numerous guided meditations, there’s always a wonderful way to start your day off with a clear + focused mind.

VK’s Favorite Non-Money-Making Hobbies – adult coloring books, reading books, cooking/baking, learning Japanese, visiting museums + science centers

VK’s Favorite Ways to Get Moving – TRX training, Yoga, hiking, martial arts, swordsmanship


No matter where you fall on the personality spectrum, understanding the mind of an introvert (+ they’re natural talents) can be a major boon to your personal + professional life. If you’re an introvert (like VK), then we’re overjoyed to have a kindred spirit here!

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Epic Book Recommendations

The Introvert Entrepreneur: Let’s here it (quietly) from all the fellow introverts! If the idea of marketing terrifies you or excites you a little and you don’t want to admit it, this book will help you find your comfort zone, choose the right promo methods for your personality, + offers solid advice on making the most of your introverted nature in the world of entrepreneurs. You can thank us later in an email.


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You’ve read books + listened to podcasts, but burnout is still on the horizon (or worse, already happened)? It’s time for 1:1 help to create a customized plan that will make burnout a thing of the past for you, no matter what kind of business or life you have (or want to have!).