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Victoria Klein aka VK here + speaking directly with ambitious-yet-exhausted entrepreneurs is what makes me most excited about what I do. An entrepreneur myself, with over a decade of experience + 4 failed businesses, self-sabotage + burnout became close friends of mine.

Now, as a Burnout Mentor, Speaker, + Podcast Host at Behind the Boss Mask, I help others short-cut the 12-year struggle I went through to define freedom + success on their own unique terms, ending the hustle+grind-burnout cycle for good.

With an emphasis on boundaries, personalized time management, effective delegation, intelligent self-care, + a dedication to growth, my goal with each speech is to bust the myths surrounding what a successful business + life can be, providing the rich truth with logistical, actionable advice.

Signature Talks

From Employee to Entrepreneur: The Vital Mindset for Success

Many of us were raised with the traditional employment mindset or, even worse, we worked as an employee for years then started our own business (I did!). Traditional employment has its advantages, but it also creates a gigantic barrier to entrepreneurial success.

Why Less is Always More: Freedom through Fewer Choices

The options are endless, especially as an entrepreneur. Where to live, who to learn from, how to make money – the choices only continue to multiply with each passing month. Inspired by Neil Pasricha of The Institute for Global Happiness, the audience will walk away with a new perspective on the limits of the human mind + how to use those to our advantage to create the freedom we long for.

The Hidden Causes of Burnout

“I’m so exhausted – I must be working too many hours.” Well yes, probably, but that’s not it. Burnout is not as simple as “working too much,” but the underlying causes are often ignored, especially among entrepreneurs who are so deeply passionate about what they’re creating. Featuring the 3 hidden causes of burnout + how to break them for good.


Other Favorite Subjects to Speak On:

  • The connection between physical wellness + professional success
  • Why being fired by Marie Forleo was the best thing that ever happened to me
  • Yoga’s chakra system + its entrepreneurial uses
  • Why it took 4 professional failures to finally gain success + freedom
  • How being an entrepreneur is a spiritual path

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