Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask to answer YOUR questions!

This episode is perfect for anyone wants to know more about how to onboard an Online Business Manager into their business; how to plan vacation time when you’re a service-based business owner; or how to stay organized + manage your time as a solopreneur, plus how to handle the creative challenges that come with it.



Show Notes:

  • From Jackie @ Long Island Paralegal Services comes a question about onboarding an OBM (Online Business Manager).
  • Reminder: an OBM should NEVER be the first person you hire in your business, but should be brought on AFTER you have a VA and other key team members.
  • From Bianca McKenzie comes a question about how to plan vacations when you have a service-based business with clients all over the world. I’ll share what I’ve learned about the best ways to schedule vacations + still keep your clients on track.
  • From Lisa Fiorvante @ Scovante Media comes a question about subjects that I LOVE! We’re talking about organization, time management, + creative challenges.


The ONE question that VK asks YOU: What calendar system do you use on a daily basis and why? … Comment below with your answer!



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