S1AS 005: Living Life as an Experiment, Building a Business with Integrity, + Why Every Problem is a Punch in the Face with Jonathan Pritchard @ behindthebossmask.com/s1as05

Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask for the Season 1 All Stars – the top 10 most downloaded, most listened to, most loved episodes of the first year of the show. Discover what you may have missed, with fresh content via new introductions and endings from VK.

This episode is perfect for you if you’re curious about why your curiosity is the most powerful tool you have (way more powerful than your passion!).



Show Notes:

  • For the 10 years, Jonathan has been an entertainer + mentalist who convinces logical audiences that he can read their minds
  • Living life as an experiment: “the source of my best stories and worst experiences”
  • Why coaching is so important
  • Reframing the results of your experiments
  • How Kung Fu (or any physical practice) can help you cultivate integrity
  • Just DO it!
  • Follow your curiosity, not JUST your passion!
  • The secret to every magic trick – listen + find out 🙂
  • “My problems are 5% what happens to me + 95% what I do about it”
  • Why Jonathan isn’t working his full-time job anymore
  • Why Jonathan chose to use a stage name
  • What value can I bring?
  • Growing into something different
  • Your conscious mind
  • Using magical techniques


The curious question from Jonathan:

What is that small quiet voice telling you that you’ve been ignoring for years?
Comment below with your answer!


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