S1AS 003: Structure vs Freedom, Choosing the Problem You Want to Solve, + the Daily Realities of Being an Entrepreneur with Mental Health Issues with Vasavi Kumar @ behindthebossmask.com/s1as03

Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask for the Season 1 All Stars – the top 10 most downloaded, most listened to, most loved episodes of the first year of the show. Discover what you may have missed, with fresh content via new introductions and endings from VK.

This episode is perfect for you if you’re curious about the mental health challenges many entrepreneurs face + how to customize your day to support your true needs.



Show Notes:

  • How Vasavi helps people package what they’re good at
  • The four key elements to your business
  • The Myth of Surrender
  • Why you have to FOCUS + narrow down to a niche
  • Determining your marketing goals
  • Balancing structure + freedom
  • Looking for a mentor
  • Marketing yourself: Put yourself OUT THERE!
  • Creating a compelling path
  • Being clear about how you can help people
  • “Why I’m AWESOME!”
  • How to treat people as capable human beings
  • Vasavi’s 20-minute phone calls, how they work, + how they convert
  • Being up-front with potential clients
  • Adjusting your professional life to meet the needs of your personal life
  • Vasavi’s struggle to fully accept her mental illness
  • How she uses her daily schedule to stay aligned
  • Vasavi’s work with NAMI: the National Alliance for Mental Illness
  • Vasavi’s stress, burnout, divorce, + the emotional toll of 2014/2015


The curious question from Vasavi:

Are your daily activities you do in your business getting you closer to where you want to go? Are you doing whatever it takes to get your message out there?
Comment below with your answer!


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