S1AS 001: 5 Reasons WHY You Burnout + Why They’re All Lies with Victoria Klein @ behindthebossmask.com/s1as01

Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask for the Season 1 All Stars – the top 10 most downloaded, most listened to, most loved episodes of the first year of the show. Discover what you may have missed, with fresh content via new introductions and endings from VK.

This episode is perfect for you if you’re curious about the 5 most common reasons humans burn out + why they’re all myths (mythbusting to the rescue!).



Show Notes:

  • Burnout: a type of stress described by its characteristics, like exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm, frustration, cynicism, lack of motivation, and feelings of worthlessness
  • Why burnout can affect your health and wellness
  • Five reasons why you reach burnout—and why they’re all LIES:
    • You THINK you can do it all yourself:
      • Delegating is a vital element of sanity and productivity
    • You THINK more money equals more happiness:
      • Do you want time or money?
    • You THINK anything other than working on your business is a waste of time:
      • You can’t do your best work if you aren’t at your best
    • You THINK you need to prove yourself to someone:
      • The only person you need approval from is yourself
    • You THINK busy is a badge of honor:
      • Having free time does NOT mean you are lazy


The curious question from VK:

Which 1 of the 5 burnout lies do you tell yourself most often?
Comment below with your answer!


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