Behind the Boss Mask

There’s no shortage of podcasts for entrepreneurs, but what about the messy truth of day-to-day life as a human who chooses to be an entrepreneur?

Hold up, I’m not talking about sports cars, expensive trips, or houses on private islands.

I’m talking about making it to the gym more than once a month, sleeping 8 hours a night, and taking a non-working vacation … no myths, just raw truth!

You’re not the only entrepreneur who feels doubt, fear, + wishes they could get out from behind their computer a bit more often … so why aren’t more people talking about this?


That’s how the idea for the Behind the Boss Mask podcast was born.

A curiosity-inducing mix of professional + personal, Behind the Boss Mask features:

motivating interviews highlighting one-of-a-kind perspectives + actionable insights from fellow entrepreneurs + curious humans all over the planet

Q+A with host, serial entrepreneur, + former desk jockey, Victoria Klein (VK) – no topic is off-limits!

Topic-specific shows with VK + special guest hosts about the vital concepts for entrepreneur life: productivity, mental + physical wellness, work/life ease, spiritual exploration, expanding self-knowledge, + random things we can’t even think of yet.

This podcast is for YOU, my fellow entrepreneur + curious human. Whether you’re doing the side hustle, working on your business full-time, or you’ve been running your business successfully for several years.

Behind the Boss Mask is the AUDACIOUSLY HONEST modern truth of running a business + how to continue growing while enjoying your life (spoiler: burnout is optional + passion still requires hard work).

Join VK for the most uncensored interviews, insights, + curiosity-driven discoveries you’ve ever heard!

  • Why Personal Growth Leads to Professional Pivots, Becoming a Mom in Your 40s, + What Conversation Are You a Part Of? with Hillary Rubin @
  • S1AS 005: Living Life as an Experiment, Building a Business with Integrity, + Why Every Problem is a Punch in the Face with Jonathan Pritchard @
  • S1AS 004: The Fastest Way to Make Money, Connecting the Beginning and the End, + How to Put Your Personal Life First with Kelly Roach @
  • S1AS 003: Structure vs Freedom, Choosing the Problem You Want to Solve, + the Daily Realities of Being an Entrepreneur with Mental Health Issues with Vasavi Kumar @
  • S1AS 002: Yoga, 3-Day Work Weeks, + Travel Goals with Cailen Ascher @
  • S1AS 001: 5 Reasons WHY You Burnout + Why They’re All Lies with Victoria Klein @
  • 059: 2 Months, 2,000 Miles, + More Curious Than Ever @
  • The Fastest Way to Make Money, Connecting the Beginning and the End, + How to Put Your Personal Life First with Kelly Roach @
  • VK’s Top 3 Insights: Everyday Courage, Why Change is Easy, + the Link Between Curiosity and Pursuing Your Passion @

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Victoria Klein (VK)

A serial entrepreneur for 13+ years + former desk jockey, VK is at her best when she’s curious about something. Surviving depression, anxiety, frequent relocations, + multiple bouts of burnout, she’s learned the hard way how to succeed as an entrepreneur + still enjoy day-to-day life (and loves sharing her shortcuts). Learning new things is a near-addiction, but she makes the most of it by hosting Behind the Boss Mask, sharing business+life-changing insights in weekly episodes (with even more ah-ha-inducing content available to Patreon supporters). You can find out more about VK here.

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