Behind the Boss Mask


There’s no shortage of podcasts for entrepreneurs, but what about the messy truth of entrepreneur living?

Hold up, I’m not talking about sports cars, expensive trips, or houses on private islands.

I’m talking about making it to the gym more than once a month, sleeping 8 hours a night, and taking a non-working vacation … no myths, just raw truth!

You’re not the only entrepreneur who feels doubt, fear, + wishes they could get out from behind their computer a bit more often … so why aren’t more people talking about this?

That’s how the idea for the Behind the Boss Mask podcast was born.

An equal mix of professional + personal, Behind the Boss Mask features interviews with entrepreneurs of all success levels and specialties (big names you’ll recognize + up-and-comers you’ll want to meet), along with monthly Q+A episodes and more.

You’ll discover how other entrepreneurs have built their business to where it is today + their epic dreams for the future … but that’s not all. We’ll also be talking about their unique definition of “balance” between work + life, including the support they have, boundaries they’ve set, + the reality of burnout during their journey.

This podcast is for YOU, my fellow entrepreneur. Whether you still have a day job, are working on your business full-time, or you’ve been running your business successfully for several years.

This podcast is the AUDACIOUSLY HONEST truth of what running a business is truly like + how we can make it a more joyous process every day (spoiler: burnout is optional + passion still requires hard work).

Join me for the most uncensored interviews you’ve ever heard – interviews that will remind you that, as you’re working away on your computer, there’s always a passionate group of fellow entrepreneurs who understand you + want to see you succeed (and will remind you to eat more than once a day).

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