Have you ever enjoyed doing something for other people, but when it came time for you to do your own thing, you’d do anything to put off doing it?

OK, that sounds a bit cryptic.

I’m talking about blogging.

Yep, I was a professional writer for 10 years + wrote two published books, and it’s still like pulling teeth for me to write my own blog posts (except this one!).

I love helping my clients make the most of their blog posts, especially streamlining the process of getting them written, formatted, + scheduled … but doing it for myself felt like a punishment.


Because I’m starting a podcast ๐Ÿ™‚

Coming in April 2016, Behind the Boss Mask will features interviews with entrepreneurs of all specialities + success levels, sharing their tips, tools, + support-seeking insights on how they get work done so they can have a life unchained from their computer. P.S. These interviews will get personal.

I hope you’re still with me on this – it’s going to be a fantastic adventure!

Now I Have a Question for YOU

This podcast is by an entrepreneur (yours truly), for entrepreneurs (that’s you) – those who want to get more done in less time without feeling guilty about it + finally use that gym membership or take that tropical vacation.

Help me make this podcast your favorite thing to listen to. ๐Ÿ™‚

Who would you love to “see” (a.k.a. hear) interviewed on my new podcast?

What would you love to hear me lay down a loving smackdown about? (if you’ve read my blog posts, then you know I’m informative, honest, + dorky)

I’ve got a long list of potential guests (ready for their scandalously honest questions), but I want to know who + what inspires YOU, so leave a comment + share this post with your fellow entrepreneurs!

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