Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with Neil Pasricha, author of multiple New York Times best-selling books + Director of The Institute for Global Happiness. Neil’s latest book, The Happiness Equation, quickly shot to the top of my list of all-time favorite books (check out the interview to find out why).

Neil + I chat about his entrepreneurial background + passion for writing as a form of self-expression; the horrible events that led him to write his first best-selling book; his transition from full-time employee to entrepreneur + director of a non-profit (including why he left); the secret to never being too busy again (restricting choice, time, + access); and his joyous transition into fatherhood.

This episode is perfect for anyone wonders about the magic of finding happiness personally + professionally, how to be an employee + entrepreneur at the same time, when it’s time to become a full-time entrepreneur, or how to work in an equal amount of business time + family time.



Show Notes:

  • After working full-time for Walmart Canada for over a decade, Neil has returned to entrepreneurship full-time, making his living as an author (including five books on mindfulness, awesomeness, and happiness), speaking + doing consulting for creative projects.
  • A humor newspaper led him to Queens University in Canada for his college years where he got into comedy writing.
  • After college, comedy writing lost its allure for Neil when it became his “job”, which helped him transition to nonfiction writing.
  • Neil shares how he transitioned to being the director of The Institute of Global Happiness (along with his entrepreneurial pursuits).
  • Neil’s first foray into entrepreneurship was owning a Quizno’s Subs franchise with his dad. Tune in to see how THAT worked out!
  • Neil explains the four elements to look for in your job: social, structure, stimulation, and story.
  • One of “secrets” from his latest book, The Happiness Equation (also my favorite chapter in the book): Use tools to automate, regulate, and effectuate the decisions that affect your choices, your time, and your access. Neil gives you the nitty gritty details on how to do it!
  • Neil shares one of his morning routines to help him be discerning about his “mind space.”
  • Neil’s professional support comes from older mentors who have wisdom, the willingness to share, and the time to help him. His wife and the ancient Stoic philosophers provide great support for him also.
  • How can each of us live in a way to make EVERY day count? Neil has some advice!


The ONE question that Neil presents: How can you take one day per week or per month to do literally nothing? … Comment below with your answer!



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