Today on Behind the Boss Mask, I’m speaking with Meg Kissack of That Hummingbird Life. As a graphic designer + host of the new Couragemakers podcast, she helps passionate women get their stories out into the world, especially about battling their demons + fears.

I met Meg in a Facebook group for entrepreneurs (the modern-day story of meeting your new bestie) + we hit it off right away. We both started our podcasts around the same time +we’ve vowed to support each other every step of the way.

This episode is perfect for anyone who has reached the breaking point at their 9-to-5 job or feels the need for a major change in their entrepreneurial adventure. If you need a boost of confidence, then this episode is for you!

FYI: This episode is EXPLICIT, so make sure to pop your earbuds in.


Show Notes:

  • Formerly working to help end violence against women in the non-profit world, Meg’s activist experience has given her the confidence to stand boldly + speak out.
  • The idea that became Couragemakers was the fact that she hated her job, listened to podcasts, but didn’t hear everyday stories + struggles. It sparked in her a need to DO SOMETHING!
  • Self-care MUST be a priority! Meg enjoys going for a walk or for coffee, spending time with her partner, dancing, reading, + attending live music events.
  • Up Next: an “around the world” trip planned, starting August 2016. Meg is excited about the potential adventures as she visits the USA, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines, + Malaysia.
  • Meg shares her theory about “mid-life crises” + where they come from.
  • Being innovative, creative, + outspoken has contributed to Meg NOT being a very good employee.
  • The ONE question that Meg presents: What can you do that will make your business more FUN and more YOU? Comment below with your answer!



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