Behind the Boss Mask


Founder + host of Behind the Boss Mask podcast, Victoria Klein (VK) is a thought-provoking guest who challenges audiences to consider new perspectives on burnout, work/life balance, + wellness/sanity in daily life. Audiences appreciate her quick wit + refreshingly down-to-earth viewpoints as she tackles the ever-changing small business industry.

Also a 500-hour certified Yoga Teacher, science nerd, + Author of 2 published non-fiction books (the 3rd coming in 2018), Victoria brings a diverse work history + international experience to every undertaking.

Victoria is available for interviews; speaking; expert commentary; and guest teaching in courses, masterminds, + Facebook groups.

Some topics Victoria can cover include:

  • The secret realities of burnout for entrepreneurs + how to beat it for good
  • How boundaries + limits provide more freedom + balance
  • Hiring + working effectively with a virtual team (without trust issues)
  • The connection between physical + professional wellness (spoiler: it’s big!)

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Formal-ish Media Bio

Victoria Klein (VK) is a Burnout Mentor, Speaker, + Podcast Host for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their online business up 3 notches while also sleeping 8 hours a night.

Through her no B.S. Behind the Boss Mask podcast, 1:1 customized mentoring, + vibrant speaking events, she’s here to show you how to organize + upgrade your business (and your life) so you can work smarter, not harder — while making it all feel like the world’s first calorie-free dessert.

And when she’s not getting her ambitious clients out of their inboxes, you can find her indulging with lost-track-of-the-time conversations, dark chocolate anything, + preparing for her upcoming relocation to Japan.

Meet your modern business Yoda + get ready to book that vacation you damn well earned at

Curious about her alter ego? VK is also a Voice Actor for corporations, commercials, audiobooks, + cartoons/anime at

Other Fun + Funky Facts About VK

  • Full-time entrepreneur since 2005
  • Runs 2nd business as a Voice Actor at VKtheVA
  • Practicing Yoga since 2000 + teaching Yoga since 2012
  • Author of 2 Books: 27 Things to Know About Yoga + 48 Things to Know About Sustainable Living
  • Book #3 coming in 2018!
  • Past Job Titles: ice cream scooper, waitress, data entry specialist, office manager, seasonal retail calendar sales, fashion model (10 years – print & runway), actress, dancer, singer, lyricist, yoga studio front desk manager, magazine production assistant at Yoga Journal, sustainability consultant, apartment leasing agent, customer happiness specialist for Marie Forleo, community manager for Marie Forleo, accounting clerk at Men’s Fitness, virtual assistant, online business manager
  • Other Interests: learning Japanese, photography + all visual arts, music/singing, reading, being outdoors, traveling, swimming (backstroke!), volleyball (libero!), manga + anime, cooking/baking, tattoos, collecting owl + skull-shaped anything …
  • Myers-Briggs: INFJ
  • 16 Personalities: INFJ-T
  • Enneagram Type: 5 – The Investigator/Observer – with a 4 wing
  • Ayurvedic Dosha: Vata
  • StrengthsFinder: Connectedness, Input, Intellection, Maximizer, Realtor
  • Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder: Disruptor, Risk, Confidence, Relationship
  • Fascination Advantage: Subtle Touch (Mystique + Passion)
  • Core Desired Feelings: Freedom, Ease, Strong, Abundance, Connection