Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask to answer YOUR questions!

This is the first episode of our monthly Q+A with yours truly, VK the VA. The first episode of each month will be a no limits, totally uncensored question + answer session (all topics are welcome!). All questions are submitted via my VIP email list + social media, so keep your eyes peeled for your chance to submit questions for next month’s episode.

This episode is perfect for anyone wonders how specialized should you be when hiring team members, how to prepare for emergencies so your business don’t fall apart while you’re gone, or want a quick rundown of delegating 101 (especially if you’re looking to hire for the first time!).



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Show Notes:

  • Much love to our first-ever sponsor: Buffer!

  • Diving into Stephanie‘s question about two Virtual Assistants that didn’t work out + what to do next.
  • Giving perspective on Jenny‘s question about how to prepare your business for unexpected emergencies.
  • Going straight-up Delegating 101, thanks to Bianca‘s question (check out her BTBM episode too).
  • The ONE question that I’m presenting to you: What three things, either personal or professional, would you pay almost anything to delegate to someone else? Comment below with your answer!



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