Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with long-time entrepreneur, professional unicorn wrangler (aka alignment and action coach), co-owner of Julia Child’s La Pitchoune house (aka La Peetch) in Southern France, + author of The Intention Generation, Makenna Johnston.

A fellow Conquer Club badass, Makenna as a long, winding history as an entrepreneur, which also includes time as a college professor, spouse of an active duty Air Force Captain, doula, Yoga teacher, speaker, artist … the list goes on! This is a spectacular chat about business + life that you don’t want to miss.

This episode is perfect for anyone who hates the word hustle but still needs to do it; has a hard time choosing or sticking with one career path; struggles to listen to their intuition; wonders what it’s really like to work with a coach; or wants a deeply honest look at work/life balance.



Show Notes:

  • Makenna describes her unique career in supporting people in creating what they want.
  • She shares how she handles her multi-faceted income streams in coaching, writing, cooking classes, retreats, + more!
  • Makenna talks about how leaving her tenured college professor position “raised a few eyebrows.”
  • What Makenna describes her “violent choices” + the impact on those around her. (Surprise: I do the same thing – do you?!)
  • She shares how + why she chose to rename one of her key online programs to The Action Faction.
  • Makenna goes into great details about how she allows her deep intuition to drive her decisions, creativity, + monetization.
  • She describes what it means to live from the place of your “soul song.”
  • We learn about how Makenna takes people on “wild journeys.”
  • Makenna’s support system consists of one assistant + several satellite people, along with her wife, whom she’s currently living apart from for almost a year.
  • Learn why Makenna is determined to ALWAYS have a coach on hand.
  • Makenna shares how she crushed her bucket list at age 27 + then created a new one that she NEVER intends to finish.
  • She explains why prioritization is—and should be—unique to everyone.


The ONE question that Makenna presents: What would you do if you didn’t have to think about where the cash flow came from? … Comment below with your answer!



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