Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with mindset coach, speaker, + Huffington Post blogger, Lorraine Hamilton. A fellow bright hair fan + Conquer Club member, Lorraine has exceptional wisdom that only a long-time entrepreneur gains. We chat about everything from funnels and launching to fears, worries, + Yoga.

This episode is perfect for anyone who thinks they might be getting in the way of their own success; wondering about the difference between hiring a coach + hiring a mentor; is overwhelmed with fears + worries of what might be; wondering how to find work/life balance as a parent; or is curious about how Yoga changed my life + how it can change yours.



Show Notes:

  • Lorraine shares how she helps other entrepreneurs by working on their mindset.
  • She takes about why her work is a return to her roots and why it satisfies her.
  • Lorraine gives her insight on why we should teach our kids that fear and vulnerability are useful tools.
  • A key aspect of Lorraine’s work: the difference between Fear and Worry.
  • Lorraine explains the difference between coaching and mentoring.
  • She explains why making an investment in coaching means having the motivation to change.
  • Lorraine shares why she calls her work “Side by Side”.
  • She dives into her recent Huffington Post blog, the reaction to it, and how she gained a new audience.
  • Lorraine talks about how her Luminary Liberators series of inspiring interviews sprang from her Facebook group.
  • She raves about why she believes in outsourcing for video editing, web design, and photography.
  • Lorraine explains why she moved her whole family from Scotland to New Zealand to achieve a freer lifestyle and MORE sunshine!
  • Lorraine shares her perspective on the “work-life blend” and how she lives with no guilt.
  • She expands on why it’s important to constantly assess your schedule and make tweaks from time to time.
  • Lorraine tells how she guards against the urge to over-commit and take on too much.
  • Lorraine turns the tables on VK and asks, “Why do you say that Yoga changed your life?”


The ONE question that Lorraine presents: An invitation: examine whether you feel fears or worries, then park the fears. … Comment below with your answer!



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