Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with Creative Director + Managing Editor of The Perpetual You, Lee Lee Thompson. A writer by trade, designer by heart, + mother by choice, Lee Lee has created an online magazine for women with a powerful message that’s deeply needed.

As an info-nerd + magazine geek, I’m always on the hunt for new things to read. The fact that I devoured 5 issues of The Perpetual You in one day means that Lee Lee + her team are really on to something!

This episode is perfect for anyone still in the first year of their business; wondering if they can truly call themselves an entrepreneur; wondering what to do with the endless amounts of business advice out there; how you can truly “have it all” as a female entrepreneur; still seeking to blend motherhood with running a business; or trying to figure out if following your passion is the smart thing to do.



Show Notes:

  • The magazine’s philosophy? Women can have the kind of life they want without changing.
  • No profit yet, but big dreams persist!
  • The Perpetual You focuses on work/life balance for women + the passions in their lives.
  • Lee Lee’s path to “accidental entrepreneur” includes teaching English at a community college, medical billing, a writing degree, + being a stay-at-home mom.
  • Lee Lee shares her big dreams for the future, which include being a successful print magazine, showcasing creative goods and artists, + incorporating live experiences for women.
  • Lee Lee praises her “little team” of volunteers: Jessie from Little Legends Design, her sister, a social media coordinator, Kirsten the senior designer, and the sister photographers, Amy and Kay from Walker Studios.
  • Lee Lee’s perspective on work/life BLEND: it all comes down to CHOICES.
  • Self-care: the forgotten part of work/life balance.
  • Why a move from bustling Boston to slower-paced Hamden, Connecticut, has been a GOOD THING for Lee Lee + her family..


The ONE question that Lee Lee presents: At the innermost level, what is the reason you’re getting out of bed? … Comment below with your answer!



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