Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with women’s leadership + business coach, Layla Saad.

A fellow Conquer Club gal, I’ve watched Layla blossom incredibly this past year + I’m overjoyed to share where she’s been and what she has in store. Much like me, she has an entrepreneurial journey full of starts + stops, a history of depression + anxiety, dislikes consistency, + follows her intuitive nudges.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to know how authenticity affects your level of success; how introverts can give themselves permission to try new things without feeling overwhelmed; why it’s better to move on when your excitement dies; why listening to your intuitive nudges will never steer you in the wrong direction; what your depression, anxiety, + panic attacks are really about; when preventing burnout is a daily practice; or how women can play their schedule around their cycle to get more done.



Show Notes:

  • What are the cornerstones of authenticity?
  • How Layla describes her business to her young daughter
  • When asked about her past, Layla shares, “I was on a path that wasn’t mine.”
  • Layla’s history with depression, anxiety, + panic attacks
  • From corporate tax law to life coach: the journey
  • Giving yourself permission to try different things, even as an introvert.
  • Layla’s pivotal moment of clarity: Why are you here?
  • Why Layla will never ignore her intuitive nudges + neither should you!
  • What to do when your body says STOP.
  • What is calling to you right NOW?
  • What is YOUR authentic voice?
  • Fighting burnout on a daily basis.
  • As a woman, working in tune with your cycle can be empowering.


The ONE question that Layla asks: What are your core leadership values? … Comment below with your answer!



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