Today on Behind the Boss Mask, I’m speaking with Josiah Loye of the Over the Edge podcast. Josiah is not only our FIRST guy on the show, but he’s also the first PODCASTER on the show + the first entrepreneur who still (happily) has a “day job.”

I met Josiah via (get ready) a Facebook group (you’re seeing a trend here). There was a thread about podcasting + I was instantly enamored with the concept of his show. I’m delighted to have a fellow podcaster on the show + this is just the first of many.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is still working 9-to-5 will part-time entrepreneurial plans, is thinking about starting a podcast, or wonders how to make time for the gym. If you’re a dabbling entrepreneur, wondering if podcasting is for you, or want to make your habits work for you instead of against you, then this episode is for you!



Show Notes:

  • Josiah talks about how he happily works a traditional 9-5 job, but would like to expand the podcast into a full-time venture in the future.
  • He shares how his podcast is (currently) a one-man show, with him doing the recording, interviewing, editing, and marketing!
  • Community is king: Josiah shares that he’s part of a Mastermind group. He meets regularly with two other friends who have podcasts to discuss goals and issues.
  • Josiah’s employer is a longtime friend who’s very supportive of his podcast journey.
  • He talks about mustering up courage to take a leap of faith to learn the podcasting business from the ground up.
  • When it comes to making it all happen, Josiah says planning is the key to prioritizing his busy schedule, but he ALWAYS makes time for the gym!
  • An avid reader, Josiah suggests some fantastic books for fellow entrepreneurs.
  • The ONE question that Josiah presents: What would you do today if you weren’t afraid of what would happen if you fail? Comment below with your answer!



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