Today we’re going Behind the (Woo Woo) Boss Mask with keynote speaker, business consultant, author, podcast host, + mentalist, Jonathan Pritchard.

This episode is perfect for you if you want to know:

  • how to make smarter choices with your time
  • are curious about the secret to magic tricks + life in general
  • what it means to follow your passion versus following your curiosity
  • how to build a business on trust + integrity
  • understanding the importance of building relationships as an entrepreneur
  • why living life as an experiment produces the best results aka success
  • how having a physical practice will help you grow faster as a business owner + human being
  • or why getting more attention is not what your business needs.



Show Notes:

  • For the 10 years, Jonathan has been an entertainer + mentalist who convinces logical audiences that he can read their minds
  • Living life as an experiment: “the source of my best stories and worst experiences”
  • Why coaching is so important
  • Reframing the results of your experiments
  • How Kung Fu (or any physical practice) can help you cultivate integrity
  • Just DO it!
  • Follow your curiosity, not JUST your passion!
  • The secret to every magic trick – listen + find out 🙂
  • “My problems are 5% what happens to me + 95% what I do about it”
  • Why Jonathan isn’t working his full-time job anymore
  • Why Jonathan chose to use a stage name
  • What value can I bring?
  • Growing into something different
  • Your conscious mind
  • Using magical techniques


The ONE question that Jonathan asks YOU: What is that small quiet voice telling you that you’ve been ignoring for years? … Comment below with your answer!



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