Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with Jessica Giles of Chic Money. Having transitioned from working with local clients as an accountant to the online world, Jessica’s zone of genius is money mastery of female entrepreneurs — she dives into everything from balance sheets + basic bookkeeping to busting money blocks + building genuine wealth.

In the interview, Jessica shares how financially strong women will save the world; that understanding your money story uncovers your needs for success; and the common issues women have with money + how they different from men’s money issues.

On the personal side, we chat about how she’s begun to hire a team + delegate to regain her personal freedom; her unique work schedule that allows her to spend quality time with her partner + 2 daughters; and how she still makes time for herself while juggling her business, family, + numerous pets (including some loving dogs + bunnies).

This episode is perfect for anyone who is overwhelmed by the financial side of their business, wondering how wealth-building + investments apply to entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants be more financially empowered (male or female!).



Show Notes:

  • Jessica shares why she’s on a mission to help women grow their money and heal from their “money story.”
  • She talks about how money stories differ between men + women, including who are more confident, more emotive, and encounter more money blocks.
  • Jessica dives into why having boundaries and not undervaluing ourselves is important.
  • She describes why she embraces mantras to empower and support her everyday.
  • Jessica teaches the difference between a debt and an investment.
  • Find out how to have a clear vision and make sure your possessions align with that vision.
  • She explains that when you have a goal and are committed to it, then you put it “out there” into the universe and prove that you’re serious.
  • She explains how to start investing today and be consistent to increase abundance and make your money work for YOU.
  • She delves into how entrepreneurs are usually “now-focused,” but we need to zoom out and realize our visions for the future.
  • Even though Jessica professes to be a control freak, she has found the benefit of delegating while creating and launching her first online course.
  • Jessica shares how having a separate work space helps her to balance work and home life, her miracle morning routine that helps her start off on a positive note, and then transitions to time with her daughters.
  • She explains how flowers, candles, meditation, and horseback riding are her energy restorers.
  • The ONE question that Jessica presents: If anything were possible, what is your vision (what do you want to create)? Comment below with your answer!



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