When did you decide you weren’t important?

Maybe it was when your mom or dad couldn’t make it to your big play or game.

Maybe it was when your last big project failed.

Maybe it was when you got married or had kids.

At some point in our lives, we put ourselves at the bottom of our to-do / to-care-for list.

Sometimes, it’s a necessity – right after you have a baby, for example. Your new task is to keep this human alive + happy, no matter what, so you can’t shower or go to the gym as often as you’d like.

As time passes + you get used to putting yourself last, a scary switch happens.

Before long, you BELIEVE you DESERVE to be last.

The fallout can be seen in your everyday life:

  • You speak up less
  • You earn less money
  • You try new things less
  • You eat healthier less often
  • You’re physically active less often
  • You spend time with your closest friends + family less often

But the worst side effect of believing you’re not important is that you no longer TRUST yourself – heck, maybe you never did in the first place.

When your hopes, dreams, + desires are the bottom of your list, you begin to believe they’re not valuable – and that you’re not valuable.

When your opinions, interests, + curiosities are at the bottom of your list, you begin to feel stagnant, worthless, + lost.

Your connection to your intuition is frayed + you begin to believe your instincts are all our of whack.

But that’s exactly what you need.

Reconnecting to your intuition – the quiet voice inside of you that can’t be heard when you’re filling your days with other people’s priorities – will revive that self-trust that’s been dying inside of you.

When you learn to trust yourself (all over again or for the very first time), you don’t need validation from social media, friends, or family.

When you learn to trust yourself, you don’t need more physical stuff, alcohol, or sugar.

When you learn to trust yourself, you know exactly which direction to head to find the success + happiness you’ve always wanted.

When did you decide you weren’t important?

Or, in other words, when did you stop listening to your intuition?

Photo by Mehmet Kürşat Değer on Unsplash


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