How to Prepare Your Business (+ Yourself) for Major Personal Change (Q+A with VK) @

Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask YOUR questions!

This episode is perfect for you if you’re curious about how to prepare, personally + professionally, for nearly any major change in your life.



Show Notes:

  • Today’s question comes from Kayla Roof (a business adviser for ambitious military spouses): How do you PCS-proof your business?
    • What is a PCS?
    • VK’s military + PCS-ing experience
    • Being mentally prepared
    • Making a short list of ways to recharge/escape – even if for 5 minutes!
    • Being patient with yourself
    • Keeping it simple, both personally + professionally
    • Giving yourself wiggle room
    • Considering your income during transitions
    • Placing great emphasis on your mindset
    • Finding elements of joy in change


The KEY question that VK asks YOU: What’s 1 way you could prepare your business to operate without you when a major personal change happens? … Comment below with your answer!



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