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Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask YOUR questions!

This episode is perfect for you if you want to know about starting your own podcast; how to hire the right Virtual Assistant for you (even if you’d had bad VAs in the past); or finding a VA for specific customer service tasks, like answering calls + following up with potential clients.



Show Notes:

  • The first question comes from Bouchra, about the details of starting a podcast, being consistent, getting sponsors, and the other aspects.
  • My advice covers using a detailed process in Asana, including due dates for each step.
  • My #1 recommendation is to take the free course offered by John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast.
  • Ask yourself the important questions, like why you’re starting a podcast and who you want to help. Good luck in your new endeavor!
  • The next question is from Okeoma, a frustrated listener who has just called it quits with her 4th VA – yes, the 4th!
  • She admits that she needs reliable help, but is clearly asking the wrong questions and ending up with the wrong person.
  • There is much stress, strain, and frustration in trying to find the right help for your business.
  • My advice is to combat a lack of systems and lack of communication with clear deadlines, expectations, and boundaries.
  • Take a look at my checklist for finding and hiring a VA that will work best for you!
  • Next is a question from Krislynn Thompson, a stylist who admits to being burned out. There it is—one of my favorite admissions!
  • She’s seeking assistance in answering phone calls and following up with clients, and is wondering how a VA might be able to help her.
  • I believe a VA can be a big help, but there are other things to consider.


The ONE question that VK asks YOU: What project are you most looking forward to launching in the next 6 months? … Comment below with your answer!



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