Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with mom of 2, strategist, coach, speaker, podcast host, + author of Boss Mom, Dana Malstaff.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is curious about living a real, non-curated life on Instagram; how to uncover the best idea for your book; the benefits of embracing the practice of writing; the priceless benefits of meeting fellow entrepreneurs in-person; what to do when you learn too much + don’t know what to do next; how to find the support to implement, take action, + create days that you truly enjoy; the 2 keys to maintaining a happy marriage, family, + your sanity; or the benefits of practicing more.



Show Notes:

  • How Dana handles her mom duties + business duties each day
  • Finding your TRIBE – why it matters so dang much!
  • How drama plays into decisions AND sucks your productivity
  • Being a parent + being an entrepreneur: the similarities
  • How the Boss Mom book was born
  • Love for kids + business
  • Why Boss Moms deserve a retreat that mixes business + self-care
  • What to do with your knowledge
  • Setting + sticking with priorities
  • Why Dana has a coach for herself
  • Taking ACTION
  • Dana’s self-care: “Divide and Conquer” + Happy Hour with a friend
  • Asking for space, personally + professionally
  • How to handle a bad day
  • Dana shares about pushing herself too far + how she recovers (burnout alert!)


The ONE question that Dana asks YOU: For everything you do + create, if you had 1 thing you wanted all of it to come back to, what would it be? … Comment below with your answer!



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