Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask to talk about Chakras for Entrepreneurs with your Yoga-tastic host, Victoria Klein. This is the perfect way to end our first-ever Woo Woo October. 🙂

This episode is perfect for you if you want to know more about the chakra system in your body + how it can help you be a more successful and freedom-filled entrepreneur.


Show Notes:

  • Chakras: what are they + why they’re never “open” or “closed.”
  • Chakra #1: at the tip of your tailbone
    • Its focus is on food, sleep, sex, + self-preservation
    • Its impact for entrepreneurs is that it’s the source of fears
  • Chakra #2: the sacrum
    • Its focus is desire
    • It’s impact for entrepreneurs is being able to enjoy the moment while embracing change
  • Chakra #3: the solar plexus
    • Its focus is on energy, drive, + internal fire
    • Its impact for entrepreneurs is willpower, focus, + self-understanding
  • Chakra #4: the center of your chest
    • Its focus is on passion, forgiveness, empathy, + self-acceptance
    • Its impact for entrepreneurs is connection
  • Chakra #5: the base of your throat
    • Its focus is on outward expression + creativity
    • Its impact for entrepreneurs is clear communication of your ideas
  • Chakra #6: above your eyebrows
    • Its focus is on intuition + insight
    • Its impact for entrepreneurs is getting your guiding vision for the bigger picture
  • Chakra #7: the crown of the head
    • Its focus is on unlimited wisdom, pure awareness, + universal consciousness
    • Its impact for entrepreneurs is joy in the pursuit of your dream, vision, + passion


The ONE question that VK asks YOU: What was your favorite color as a child, and has it changed since then? … Comment below with your answer!



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