Today on Behind the Boss Mask, I’m speaking with Cailen Ascher, a clarity coach for women entrepreneurs. She helps fabulous women get their mindset aligned + create an action plan for growth via 1:1 + group coaching.

I first found Cailen online as a Yoga Teacher, when she was showing Yoga Teachers how to market themselves online, but I knew she was meant for bigger things. Fast-forward a few years, + here I am interviewing here on my podcast about her badass business + progressively balanced life!

This episode is perfect for anyone who enjoys being an entrepreneur, but isn’t quite sure their in their “zone of genius” If you’re thinking that a focus shift may be right for you, then this interview will be a breath of fresh air.



Show Notes:

  • A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Cailen as spent the last eight years searching for just the right thing that “lit her up.”
  • The Cailen’s Clarity Confessions Interview Series helped Cailen pivot away from teaching yoga and into the world of teaching + connecting with women entrepreneurs.
  • As part of her interview series, Cailen shares the inspirational power of her interview with Tara Travis.
  • “What does success look like to YOU?”
  • In the past year, Cailen has hired a virtual assistant + assembled a team to begin outsourcing and delegating.
  • Cailen’s advice on outsourcing: start with tasks that you really don’t like to do—it’s easier that way, especially for type-A personalities.
  • Cailen shares how her husband is her cheerleader and biggest supporter.
  • Carving out time for YOU is important; Cailen explains her morning/evening routines that give her time, space, + sanity!
  • In developing rituals and habits, you must recognize what YOU need + find your own space, + not something that works for someone else.
  • The ONE question that Cailen presents: What is your business REALLY about? Comment below with your answer!



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