Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with online marketing, social media strategist, + Conquer Club buddy, Bianca McKenzie.

A fellow serial entrepreneur + lover of the outdoors, Bianca shares her insights on the professional twists + turns that brought her to her dream business, why marketing must feel genuine, + how she’s managed to take a 3-week honeymoon to Europe without her business falling apart.

This episode is perfect for anyone who struggles with expressing their mission + message with the world, worries about the entrepreneurial road ahead of them, or wants to make more time for being outdoors.



Show Notes:

  • After being a serial entrepreneur, Bianca shares the ups and downs that she has encountered on the journey to where she is today.
  • She never thought she could do marketing and social media instruction for an income!
  • Bianca explains how her latest online course, Soulfully Social, teaches the basics of social media navigation with an authentic touch.
  • Bianca’s favorite social media platforms are Facebook for business and Instagram for personal use (shoutout to my fellow Insta-dorks!).
  • The one thing that most entrepreneurs mess up is using social media only to promote their products.
  • Bianca focuses more on Facebook because she knows that her ideal client is there (where are you ideal clients?).
  • If you’re not fully involved and invested in that social media platform you’re using, then it will NOT work for you and achieve the desired results.
  • Bianca’s support team include a technical go-to person who is “on call,” but she does most of the work herself; she hopes to bring on someone else soon (let’s help Bianca join Team Delegate!).
  • Along with her go-to tech pro, she receives support from her Mastermind group (hello, Conquer Club) and her mentor in New Zealand.
  • What happens after work? Bianca balances her work life and personal life by being outside as much as possible.
  • The ONE question that Bianca presents: How can you tell your story in a way that feels good (because marketing is storytelling)? Comment below with your answer!



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