Welcome to first-ever, very secret episode of the Behind the Boss Mask podcast!

I want to give you a behind the scenes look at what the show is all about, based on the Five W’s: Who, What, Where, When, + Why.

This episode is perfect for anyone who loves a solid, inspirational backstory + is eager to be a true Behind the Boss Mask VIP.


Show Notes:


  • I’m Victoria Klein aka VK the VA, or “the gal with the hair.”
  • I’m a virtual assistant, online business manager, and serial entrepreneur.
  • Listen to the episode for the other juicy bits!


  • Behind the Boss Mask will be an equal mix of the professional and personal.
  • Interviews will be with some well-known entrepreneurs and authors, and some up-and-coming entrepreneurs.
  • Each guest will give their own definition of BALANCE between work and life.
  • They will be audaciously honest about the truth of running a business.


  • You can listen to Behind the Boss Mask via the normal podcast outlets: iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and Google Play.


  • Launching April 4th, 2016, there’s FOUR episodes for you to enjoy RIGHT NOW.
  • Going forward, Behind the Boss Mask will be weekly, released on Mondays, + each episode will be 45-60 minutes long.
  • Join the VIP email list to receive an email reminder for every episode! (see the end of the post for the sign-up form)
  • Also, there will be a Q+A episode with yours truly each month, featuring YOUR questions (with NO topic off-limits).


  • I’m deeply interested in how our passionate focus on our businesses affects the rest of our lives, both positively and negatively.
  • I’m interested in your life and what you like to do.
  • I want to give you tips on running your business and give you a glimpse into being an entrepreneur.
  • I’ll cover how to create boundaries to give you more time in your life.
  • I want to teach you how to stand up for yourself.



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