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Now that you’ve had a chance to dive into the mini-course, you’re either excited or terrified … maybe exciti-fied? If so, keep reading 🙂

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Get 1:1 support + actionable insight from your favorite Burnout Busting Alchemist, VK (ahoy!).

The Action Without Exhaustion mini-course is a fantastic, DIY approach to stopping burnout before it starts, but if you want direct support from someone who has truly been-there-done-that, then this 90-minute 1:1 call is perfect for you.


During your call with me, we can talk about + progress any aspect of your burnout plan, including:

  • Deciding what deserves to be in your Essential bowl (and you Eventual + Erase bowls).
  • How to structure your day + week for your personality + needs.
  • What projects are worth putting on hold, delegating, or simply letting go of.
  • How to prepare for + begin delegating.
  • What systems, process, + automation will make your business + life unbelievably easier.
  • Customized practices on how to overcome + destroy your mental roadblocks that got you close to burnout in the first place.

Your 90-minute 1:1 session also includes a recording of the entire call, and a unique action plan, summarizing everything we covered + how to truly make it all happen.

With the Action Without Exhaustion mini-course AND personalized, 1:1 support, you’ll never need to use the word burnout again!

“Victoria Klein is the bomb dot com (first time I’m using that phrase, so she’s THAT good). We had a phenomenal call today, where VK walked me through my entire client process, found holes in the process, and made excellent suggestions for simplifying, systematizing, and making my life easier. Victoria seriously knows her stuff with this. I was in awe (like eyes glazing over awe – glad there’s a recording!).”

Maggie Giele

90 minutes of customized 1:1 support with your personal Burnout Busting Alchemist – it will never be this affordable again!