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If you’re still feeling confused or overwhelmed, it’s time to get the knowledge + direct support you need to stop burnout now.

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What you’ll get inside the Action Without Exhaustion on-demand mini-course…

This step-by-step mini-course is designed to help you eliminate the overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration, and complete confusion that come with looming burnout.

By the time you’re finished with this mini-course, you’ll have a definitive, customized action plan to have a business + life that aren’t a breeding ground for burnout. You’ll also have new insight + strength to tackle the mental roadblocks that keep you in the hustle/grind-burnout cycle (because success doesn’t mean sacrificing your sanity!).

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1: The Beginning of Better Business + Life

Before we can create your plan + tackle your mental roadblocks, we need to cover the basics. This lesson will cover what burnout is, how it happens, why it happens, and an introduction into the clear steps to step back from the edge of burnout, for good.

Lesson 2: Dump It + Start Fresh

How many different things to do you focus on in one day? We’re about to find out! In this lesson, we walk through your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks – both professionally + personally – to discover everything you have on your overflowing plate (and the mental roadblocks that got you there).

Lesson 3: Sort It + Decide

What do we do with this mess? We’re going to start making decisions! In this lesson, we’ll take all items on your overflowing plate + narrow them down to what is essential, what you’ll do eventually, + what deserves to be erased from your calendar. This “messy middle” step is where the rubber meets the road, and I’ll be there to support you!

Lesson 4: Move It + Regain Momentum

From your overflowing plate to your clear burnout-stopping action plan! In this lesson, we’ll turn your essential tasks + responsibilities into a straightforward weekly calendar. We’ll also create clear step to take on your eventual + erasable tasks (including how to say no, even if you already said yes, and the wonderful world of delegating).

Most importantly, I reveal the mental roadblocks that got you this close to burnout AND how to move past them, day to day.

The Action Without Exhaustion mini-course is a fantastic, DIY approach to stopping burnout before it starts, but if you also want direct support from someone who has truly been-there-done-that, then the exclusive 90-minute 1:1 call is perfect for you.

During your call with me, we can talk about + progress any aspect of your burnout plan, including:

  • Deciding what deserves to be in your Essential bowl (and you Eventual + Erase bowls).
  • How to structure your day + week for your personality + needs.
  • What projects are worth putting on hold, delegating, or simply letting go of.
  • How to prepare for + begin delegating.
  • What systems, process, + automation will make your business + life unbelievably easier.
  • Customized practices on how to overcome + destroy your mental roadblocks that got you close to burnout in the first place.

Your 90-minute 1:1 session also includes a recording of the entire call, and a unique action plan, summarizing everything we covered + how to truly make it all happen.

With the Action Without Exhaustion mini-course AND personalized, 1:1 support, you’ll never need to use the word burnout again!

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Maggie Giele

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