How to be Interviewed on Podcasts + in Major Media Outlets - from an Experienced Interviewer (Q+A with VK) @

Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask to answer YOUR questions!

This episode is perfect for you if want to know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to landing interviews on podcasts + in media outlets like magazine and newspapers.



Show Notes:

  • Nyk needs advice about finding the right press, pitching herself, + how to be interviewed on podcasts and in print media. It’s a juicy topic that lands right in VK’s comfort zone, so let’s tackle it now!
  • VK’s #1 rule for pitching yourself, being interviewed, etc: DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE!
    • Each media outlet is priceless + deserves the same respect + promotion
    • Have a clear understanding of your business, what it offers, + the message you want to share
    • Customize your presentation according to each media outlet
    • Research media outlets that you might want to pitch yourself to (Go local when possible!)
  • Hear VK’s advice on pitching yourself to a podcast:
    • Tips for recording an interview for best quality
    • How to invest in presenting yourself well
    • Focus on helping, not just on SAYING
  • Maintain a relationship with media contacts


The KEY question that VK asks YOU: What’s one podcast you’d love to be featured on? … Comment below with your answer!



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