Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with graphic designer, digital strategist, + creator of the Irresistible Sales Pages e-course, Amanda Genther.

This episode is perfect for you if you want to know:

  • what’s the best way to spend your time: on a college degree or doing hands-on client works;
  • why to pay attention to the projects that excite you;
  • the mystery of sales pages;
  • how to move past your resistance to delegating;
  • how to take a 3-month maternity leave as an entrepreneur;
  • what burnout + recovery is really like for a mom entrepreneur.



Show Notes:

  • How Amanda describes herself: creative director, digital strategist, + web designer
  • Why Amanda prefers the long-term, deeper relationships with a select few clients
  • Why Amanda created Irresistible Sales Pages
  • How she determined to teach people to take control + launch quickly
  • The benefits of college vs. actually working with clients
  • How VK + Amanda have worked together over the years
  • Why she chose the narrow niche of sales pages – and how it’s paid off!
  • Amanda’s terrific support team
  • How to plan for + take a 3-month maternity leave (she knows because she’s done it!)
  • How Amanda experienced burnout + recovery
  • Why Amanda looks forward to a week-long vacation coming soon!


The ONE question that Amanda ask YOU: What do you want your business to look like, regardless of what you think it should look like? … Comment below with your answer!



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