Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with PR firm owner, and fellow introvert, former model, + Yoga teacher, Allyn Lewis. She has created a wonderful community for entrepreneur focused around mental health + the honest truth of living the life of a business owner.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is curious about how your mental health affects your professional success; why your branding should be a natural extension of your business; why multiple income streams are vital for a healthy business; how the journey of being an entrepreneur is never a straight line; how to embrace failure as an entrepreneur; what to look for when choosing team members; or how being a Yoga practitioner affects your view of work/life balance + owning a business.



Show Notes:

  • How Allyn is transitioning from owning her PR firm to building an entrepreneurial community
  • Her current business began as a Facebook group when she needed support
  • Learning how to monetize a lifestyle website
  • Why Allyn loves helping other entrepreneurs with their branding
  • Successful business means multiple income streams!
  • How her Dad’s suicide prompted her interest in mental health
  • Ally’s unintentional journey to business owner (a happy one)
  • Finding a voice in the connection between mental health + entrepreneurship
  • Why struggles are necessary
  • Tweak, pivot, and switch
  • Allyn’s loves up her support team, including Alex, her “2nd Gem in Command.”
  • She shares what to look for in business support staff
  • Allyn + I touch on how Yoga affects your perspective on business


The ONE question that Allyn asks: What is it right now that makes you feel like you don’t have it together? … Comment below with your answer!



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