Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask with Alexa Schirm of Simple Roots Wellness. A nutritionist by trade, Alexa transitioned her small-town local business into the online space with great success, though she’s still working out some of the kinks while balancing time with her husband + 3 young daughters.

In this interview, we dive into her multi-generation background in the entrepreneurial world, the realities of launch expectations + disappointments, her latest passion project (spoiler: a podcast!), + a info-rich conversation about the many myths about cholesterol.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is juggling a business + a young family, is sick of only hearing sparkly success stories about online launches, is curious about or struggling with the modern epidemic of high cholesterol, or has big dreams like getting a Master’s degree or authoring a book.



Show Notes:

  • Alexa tells us about her first business, a local gym + nutrition center, along with the drawbacks of running a location-focused business.
  • To allow for more family time, Alexa moved her business online by offering her first course.
  • Since that first course, Simple Roots Wellness includes courses, contract work, + speaking engagements.
  • Alexa’s shares how her parents passed on their entrepreneurial spirit to her + they remain very supportive of her goals.
  • Alexa’s recent launch of The Simple Cleanse was NOT a success story + she happily shares the details of her failure to promote the launch.
  • She tells us about her recent podcast launch, Simple Roots Radio, + its current success.
  • Time for some real nutrition 411! Alexa explains why high cholesterol has become a major plague for the health of young people (myself included).
  • She goes on to share the role of cholesterol in the body: making hormones + eliminating inflammation.
  • Are you struggling with heart health too? Watch your sugar intake! (Alexa goes into detail on why it’s so important)
  • Alexa recommends an anti-inflammatory diet and focuses on the overall health of the body.
  • She gives us her perspective on “good health” — providing the foundation for the body to function as it was intended to do.
  • Alexa’s advice for YOU: don’t be afraid to reach out to more experienced people for help. She details how she took advantage of someone else’s knowledge to build her online community.
  • When Alexa recently began recording her podcast, public speaking didn’t come natural for her, but a mentor made a huge difference!
  • Alexa’s professional support team includes her husband, an editor, + a professional pinner for Pinterest—for real!
  • How does Alexa divide work time and “non-negotiable” family time? She explains, along with her favorite self-care rituals as a mom to 3 young girls.


The ONE question that Alexa presents: What is your gut telling you that you should be doing, but you’re not (even if it doesn’t make sense)? … Comment below with your answer!



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