Behind the Boss Mask

Sick of the 6-Figure Hype?

Eager to End Burnout + Define Success for Yourself?

Welcome to Your Freedom-Fueled, Burnout-Busting (Online) Ship

ship-gradient-700Originally launched as a podcast in 2016, Behind the Boss Mask has quickly grown into an active, passionate (pirate) crew of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to cultivating the success + freedom that being a business owner providers, without riding the hustle-and-grind-to-burnout rollercoaster.

Why pirates?

Above all else, pirates seek one thing: freedom.
The freedom to explore.
The freedom to experience the vibrant variety Earth has to offer.
And most importantly, the freedom to live life on their own terms.

Our crew is like family, riding the waves through thick + thin, forever supportive and always willing to lend a hand. We’ve been there, done that, + will happily help you whether any storm.

Our motto: Life is an experiment. Stay curious. All you have is this life, and living isn’t done in front of your computer screen.

On the site, you’ll find our honestly raw weekly podcast; an ever-growing list of freedom-cultivating, self-discovering resources; + ways to work directly with our captain to eliminate burnout from your life with customized support (or come see her in-person at her next speaking event!).

It all comes down to this: are you ready to define success + freedom for yourself, and discover the hidden fears + limits behind the burnout cycle you keep riding?

The ship is waiting for you.
Are you in?

Who’s the Captain of this Burnout-Destroying Ship?

Ahoy, Fellow Ambitious Entrepreneur! Victoria Klein aka VK here, ready to welcome you aboard the SS Boss Mask (introverts welcome). Behind the Boss Mask is the culmination of 12+ years of my experience as an entrepreneur, including 4 failed businesses + time working with some of the most recognizable names online, including Marie Forleo, Selena Soo, + Natalie MacNeil.

After a decade of blood, sweat, + tears, I discovered many entrepreneurs spend too much time doing tasks that get very little results – meaning they don’t get them any closer to the success or freedom they deeply seek (sound familiar?).

Blending an ever-growing library of professional wisdom with practical, make-it-to-the-gym-regularly action steps, I’m the captain/alchemist that strives for ONE goal: bust the myths of burnout + remove it from your life for good!