Behind the Boss Mask

Victoria Klein (VK)’s Formal-ish Bio

Victoria Klein (VK) is a Writer, Author, + Perpetual Work-in-Progress focused on pursuing + enhancing curiosity/intuition as a means of growth-inducing vulnerability + improving our inter-connected, worldwide culture. Her book on the subject is in the works.

When she’s not following her curiosity or sharing insights on her blog @, you can find VK indulging in lost-track-of-time conversations, watching copious amounts of anime, + enjoying the spectacular food of Austin, Texas.

Curious about her alter ego? VK is also a student at the University of Texas at Austin, pursuing a degree in Japanese Language + Culture, with the goal of becoming a Japanese-to-English translator for the food, technology, and entrepreneurship industries.

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Other Fun + Funky Facts About VK

  • Full-time entrepreneur since 2005 (5 businesses + counting!)
  • Practicing Yoga since 2000 + taught Yoga full-time from 2012 – 2015
  • Author of 2 Books (so far):
  • Past Job Titles: ice cream scooper, waitress, data entry specialist, office manager, seasonal retail calendar sales, fashion model (10 years – print & runway), actress, dancer, singer, lyricist, yoga studio front desk manager, Magazine Production Assistant at Yoga Journal, sustainability consultant, apartment leasing agent, Customer Happiness Specialist for Marie Forleo, Community Manager for Marie Forleo, Accounting Clerk at Men’s Fitness, virtual assistant, burnout mentor, podcast host
  • Other Interests: reading/writing/speaking Japanese, reading just about anything, being outdoors, swimming (backstroke!), volleyball (libero!), cycling/spinning, anime, cooking, tattoos, living a realistically minimalist life …
  • Astrology: Gemini – Wood Rat
  • Blood Type: B+
  • Myers-Briggs: INFJ
  • 16 Personalities: INFJ-T
  • Enneagram Type: 5 – The Investigator/Observer – with a 4 wing
  • Ayurvedic Dosha: Vata
  • Life-Purpose System: 30/3 (Expression and Sensitivity + Inner Gifts)
  • The Four Tendencies: Questioner
  • StrengthsFinder: Connectedness, Input, Intellection, Maximizer, Realtor
  • Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder: Disruptor, Risk, Confidence, Relationship
  • Fascination Advantage: Subtle Touch (Mystique + Passion)
  • Core Desired Feelings: Freedom, Ease, Strong, Abundance, Connection
  • VIA Character Strengths: Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Love of Learning, Curiosity, Fairness, Kindness
  • 5 Voices: Nurturer (76.7%)