3 Ways to Slow Burnout Before It Kills Your Momentum with Victoria Klein @ behindthebossmask.com/050

Today we’re going Behind the Boss Mask to talk about real, doable ways to slow burnout when you feel it coming so you momentum doesn’t grind to a halt.

This episode is perfect for you if you’re curious about the best ways to prevent burnout before it starts.



Show Notes:

  • Burnout: a stress often described by its characteristics, like lack of enthusiasm + motivation, feeling worthless, frustration, and cynicism
  • The result of burnout? A lack of productivity + effectiveness both personally + professionally
  • How burnout can cause other symptoms + health issues when it kicks in
  • Why burnout is not just mental, but physical + emotional too
  • Three Steps in the Process to Slow Burnout:
  • Brain dump all the choices you’ve made
    • You’ve believed you need to “do it all”
    • Asking for help makes you feel weak + needy
    • You don’t know other ways to quantify your value
  • Make the choice that’s best for you right NOW
    • This applies to NOW, not forever
    • Figure out your trade offs
    • Choose what to focus on, but add the non-negotiables first
  • Say NO out of respect, not popularity
    • Say NO to new things coming in
    • Say NO to things that didn’t make the cut
    • Say NO to things you’ve already agreed to (Watch out for your ego!)


The KEY question that VK asks YOU: What (or who) do you have the hardest time saying “no” to? … Comment below with your answer!




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