Behind the Boss Mask

Behind the Boss Mask is a podcast that’s as much about running a successful business (no matter HOW you define success) as it is about living everyday life as an entrepreneur + curious human with unique interests + desires.

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Why Listen to Behind the Boss Mask?

Published weekly, episodes feature:

motivating interviews highlighting one-of-a-kind perspectives + actionable insights from fellow entrepreneurs + freelancers all over the planet

Q+A with host, serial entrepreneur, + former desk jockey, Victoria Klein (VK) – no topic is off-limits!

Topic-specific shows with VK + special guest hosts about the vital concepts for entrepreneur life: productivity, mental + physical wellness, work/life balance (join team #noburnout), spiritual exploration, expanding self-awareness, + random things we can’t even think of yet.


  • 059: 2 Months, 2,000 Miles, + More Curious Than Ever @
  • The Fastest Way to Make Money, Connecting the Beginning and the End, + How to Put Your Personal Life First with Kelly Roach @
  • VK’s Top 3 Insights: Everyday Courage, Why Change is Easy, + the Link Between Curiosity and Pursuing Your Passion @

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Victoria Klein (VK)

A serial entrepreneur for 13+ years + former desk jockey, VK is at her best when she’s curious about something. Surviving depression, anxiety, frequent relocations, + multiple bouts of burnout, she’s learned the hard way how to succeed as an entrepreneur + still enjoy day-to-day life (and loves sharing her shortcuts). Learning new things is a near-addiction, but she makes the most of it by hosting Behind the Boss Mask, sharing business+life-changing insights in weekly episodes (with even more ah-ha-inducing content available to Patreon supporters). You can find out more about VK here.