Behind the Boss Mask

Ahoy! Victoria Klein’s the name + Behind the Boss Mask is my digital home.

Formerly a podcast, Behind the Boss Mask is now a weekly blog + upcoming book sharing info, insight, + actionable steps that speak to YOU as a curious human who runs a business, rather than a generic entrepreneur who happens to be alive.

My motto?
Life is an experiment, so stay curious + risk forward.

Your curiosity is your intuition talking loud enough for you to hear it over the modern noise. I’m here to help you hear your curiosity clearly + find the courage to follow it wherever it leads (bumps + bruises included).

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Victoria Klein (VK)

14 years, 8 cities, 5 businesses, 2 published books, 2 Yoga teaching certifications, 1 marriage, 1 college degree, 1 military deployment, 1 podcast … and that’s just the beginning.

I’ve never made $1,000,000 in a year + I don’t really give a shit if I do – but if you absorb most of the modern advice for business owners + entrepreneurs, that’s the holy grail of success. I tried that and failed rather spectacularly I might add (multiple times).

Now, I focus on the ONE thing that’s never failed me – my curiosity. I believe curiosity is the most valuable natural asset we have to enjoy the best of life, but the older we get, the more we’re taught (directly + indirectly) that following our curiosity is an offensive waste of time + energy.

Instead, curiosity is leading the way, and here on Behind the Boss Mask, I’ll be sharing my weekly discoveries around cultivating curiosity, self-appreciation, self-worth, work/life ease, spiritual exploration … and oodles more, all while building a modern business 🙂

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